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10 things about the 18-30’s weekend away.

18-30’s weekend awayLast weekend, over 40 people from Riverside 18-30’s, went to Smallwood Manor in Staffordshire. Here are 13 interesting & obscure facts about the weekend that you might not know:

  • We had champagne. In proper champagne flutes, too. Well, plastic ones anyway.
  • Our times of worship were amazing – Damian Herbert (& John Auger on Sunday) led so well, we wanted it to go on for hours and hours and hours.
  • Smallwood Manor is cold, beautiful, crazy, stunning, fun, old, disorientating and wonderful all into one.
  • The main sessions tackled some pretty big subjects with the main title ‘Stay is the new Go’ – how to keep following Jesus when life is ordinary & mundane; how to have the right view of Jesus; how to put others before ourselves. There was such a sense of honesty & authenticity amongst people.
  • The chefs in the kitchen will go down in Riverside folklore – legends have been written about lesser mortals. Well done & huge thanks to Matt Williams, Catherine Todd & Danny Puicar for working incredible wonders.
  • On Saturday evening we had a three course meal in the dark. With face masks and everything.
  • God was kind to us, and met with us in some quite powerful ways. For many, they discovered a deep sense of honesty and surrender before God.
  • On Saturday evening, we ‘dressed to impress’. Seriously, you should see the photos. It was like a catwalk.
  • At our communion service on Sunday morning, people shared openly about the amazing things that God had done in them over the weekend.  It was so moving to see such devotion and commitment shared in such a powerful and public way.
  • We did ballroom dancing. Yes, you read that right. Ballroom.

18+ Ballroom Dancing

All in all, it was an unforgettable weekend, of new friendship, new commitment, new passion for our God, and new devotion to his calling on our lives. Thank you so much to all who made it such a fantastic weekend.