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18+ Weekend Away

Around twenty-five 18-plussers headed off to Smallwood Manor last weekend. The theme was ‘Grace’  with guest speakers Steve & Zoe Goss from Freedom in Christ ministries.

There were fresh insights into the parable of the prodigal son and the older brother, which set a foundation for the weekend; followed by sessions on dealing with shame, fear and the lies we believe which led to a time of discovering our new names ‘in Christ’ (Isa 62:2-4) such as  ‘Protected’ (john 17;15); ‘Treasured’ (Deut 7:6);  ‘Clean’ (John 15:3) and many more.

We also had an amazing opportunity on the Sunday to ‘close doors’ in our lives on issues around false expectations of others, fears, sins & forgiveness, so that we could walk free and more fully in God’s ‘amazing grace’.

Alongside all of this was Tom’s fantastic ‘quiz’ – Tom you’re great! (do I get extra points for that?) including the ‘Wotsit – Shaving Foam Competition’ & the Alka-Seltzer Air-head challenge! Afternoon activities included, dare I say, an Olympic standard game of Pool Volleyball (Rio 2016 here we come…) as well as walks around a lovely part of the countryside.

Food was amply supplied and lovingly prepared with Matt & Bridgit Hildreth – thanks guys – and recipe notes copied down by many. Thank you to everyone who made the weekend happen and welcomed newcomers to the group.