People of Riverside

Dave, Paula & Co.

Riverside Church has provided us with a community of amazing friends who are there for us in good and in difficult times. Is a great place of encouragement and opportunity. A place where we develop in our own faith and are able to express that faith in practical ways. The youth work is vibrant and engaging and really helps teach our children about the Christian faith.

Helen & Christian

We love Riverside for the friendship, the kids work and the teaching. Great opportunities to get involved. Christian has been at the forefront of the football team and it’s ministry.

Girls in the Youth Group

We really enjoy all the activities that Roc Solid do. There’s always loads on like games, sports, activities and the teaching and discussion is really useful too. The youth pastors are really supportive and encourage us to develop our skills for God and to do our best. It’s really fun making new friends and meeting people each week at Roc Solid… come along and see for yourself.


My family and I have been at Riverside for several years. It’s a great place for teaching and also has wonderful youth work ministries for my children. I’m involved in the men’s ministry in the church, which makes an important part of the outreach and discipleship of the church. Being able to reach out to other men in the workplace is very important to me and having the support from the church and events to bring friends along to is an important link between what I do in the week and what my faith is all about.