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Be Baptised!

Be baptised! StephenI decided to get baptised a little while after completing the Alpha Course. I wanted to show the commitment I’d made in my life to become a follower of Jesus to my family and friends, as well as my new church family. Because of being baptised my drive to live a Godly daily life grew and my relationships within Riverside have grown too, which was integral to me being led towards RPA! I’d wholeheartedly recommend baptism to anyone that wants to point their lives to Christ. No matter what step you are at with your spiritual life, it will renew your perspective and you will be blessed by it. It’s a beautiful celebration! Stephen

Be baptised! AliceHi, I’m Alice; I am part of the current RPA team and I got baptised in November. I chose to be baptised after learning a lot more about Jesus and his sacrifice for us from Discipleship sessions and Alpha. Now that I understand how much God loves me, I wanted to show Him and my family and friends that I am dedicated to Him. I wanted to feel renewed inside, but also to have the physical representation of coming out of the water as washing away of some of the rubbish that I had done. It has completely changed my life and how I view the world. Although I still mess up sometimes, I don’t wallow over things I can’t forget, because I know that God doesn’t hold it against me any more as he sent Jesus to take that away. I feel loved and I love to tell people about Jesus. If you are considering getting baptised I seriously recommend it. Making this commitment to God is very special and significant and will change your life.

If you are considering being baptised, please contact Judy Moore 442 4484