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Ashes to Oaks Women’s Conference: Living with Change (13 June 2009)

Some 60 women gathered for the 3rd annual Riverside Women’s Conference. Thanks to Sue Iqbal’s vision and commission from the Lord, these conferences have sought to support and disciple Riverside and other women as they grapple with real life issues, such as living with change.

At this time of seismic change, our question was whether change that is imposed can be transformational. The answer to our question was a resounding YES – how could it be anything else with God in charge of change?!

Activities included inputs about the change process, valuable teaching from a biblical perspective, engaging drama, practical workshops, wonderful women’s testimonies, discussion, Biblical meditation, live painting, inspiring worship and prayer. We saw friendship, developing deeper relationships, challenging thinking, humour, worship, creativity, great food and good company.

Participants said they valued:

“All input/presentations/testimonies. Very humbling, perfect time. Being welcomed and looked after so well. Super activities. Gifts great. Flowers everywhere.”

“Sharing time with my Riverside family and especially Riverside women. Welcoming non-Riversiders to be part of our family for the day. Realising that we all struggle with change – I am not alone!”

Thanks to all involved for a very worthwhile day – organising team, young people who helped, Riverside House colleagues, presenters, and all those who gave up their time to participate in and contribute to the day.