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Crafts and Canapés take the biscuit!

The latest Ladies’ Craft Night (and this is our sixth!) was, as ever, an outstanding success. Somehow the combination of women, crafting, chatting and eating really works. Add to that some excellent spiritual input and you have the makings of a really great evening.

While the Pimms flowed and the canapés were eaten, cupcakes were iced, notelets made, beads strung and lives discussed. Hilary was warm, entertaining and relevant as our brave speaker and touched just the right note. Our ladies were drawn into God’s world in a gentle but exciting way and surely lives were touched and spirits awakened. Certainly they went away happy, loved and with something to think about.

The evening passed off seamlessly but it takes a small army of people to make it appear thus! Thanks must go to everyone who helped out, in whatever way, to make the evening the success it was. Mostly though it was our Heavenly Father who brought it all together, providing everything from the Ladies themselves to the sunshine and it is Him who will carry on the good work.

Carolyn Styles