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Deaf Baptism

I want to share this awesome news with you all about our brothers in Christ: Waheed and Rezene who were baptised during the Word Of Hands service (Sunday 4th October 2009). The day was blessed with lovely sunshine and lots of their friends & families who came along to witness the baptism. We enjoyed a great buffet and fellowship afterwards. Waheed has been a Christian for seven years and grew closer with Jesus during 2009. Rezene arrived in the UK two years ago from Eritrea, and became a born-again Christian last August. Both want to be committed in following and showing their love to Christ Jesus by obedience to His teaching. It was great to see people from different cultures and backgrounds being brought closer together as brothers and sisters as they have the same Holy Father. The bible verse which we ended the service with, is really appropriate: Galatians 3v27: “And all who have been united with Christ in baptism have put on Christ, like putting on new clothes.”

They are both looking forward to being part of God’s work. We encourage you to pray for them to grow deeply in Jesus’ love and to be part of His plan to outreach the community to show their fashionable “new clothes”!!!