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Hope for A Healthy Family: Babies to Teens and everything in between!

The pastoral team recently hosted a series of 3 meetings, during which 50 parents from the church explored the joys and challenges of parenting 21st century kids from birth to adulthood. The focus was on encouraging parents to share ideas with each other, with some input from the age-related pastors and volunteers.

Discussions were varied, ranging from how to pray with young children, considering boundaries in terms of behaviour, and exploration of the challenges around teenagers using social networking sites, and the stress this caused to the parents, so they end up taking supplements for it which they could find at this Serene CBD Oil review.

Parents had the opportunity to reflect on the importance of families in helping children grow in faith, and how the church community or ‘family’ can support and encourage this. Ideas were shared on how to help kids engage with faith at home, and resources were available for parents to browse, including examples of age-appropriate Bibles and CDs.

Parents also enjoyed the clotted cream tea (under 5s) and the cheese and wine provided. In response to feedback, it is hoped to run a Positive Parenting Course over several meetings in the autumn term.

“But as for my household, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15