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Into the valley of cold water floated the gallant nineteen…….

Having donned lifejackets and a sense of adventure, we set out on our canoe trip along the river Severn seeking to get back in touch with nature and rediscover that masculine urge to be rather silly in a boat. Boys aged from 9yrs to 50+, we were given our instructions, a canoe, a paddle and a football (the latter so that we could throw it into someone else’s canoe condemning them to a forfeit).

The weather was perfect, no wind or rain, yet strangely we all seemed to get rather wet. Could this have been because of the grade 5 rapids? No. Rather it was because we proceeded to splash one another, and a certain Dr Bryson capsized his canoe down a rapid that was more like a ripple. Unfortunate though this was for the good doctor, it was even more unfortunate for the poor visiting German medical student who was in the boat with him. Seeing them both shivering uncontrollably by the end of the trip showed just how cold the water really was. In total three boats capsized, the other two due to sabotage. Having dried off, we headed for the chip shop. A local church hall made an excellent place to have a meal together and to swap canoe stories.

On a more serious note, we men are generally not very good at getting to know each other. But days like this help, and we left with a lot of shared memories of messing about on the water. In fact it was such fun we will probably do it again next year…… (Watch this space).

Steve Lee