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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and a mission to Uganda.

The middle of last April witnessed the culmination of over six months hard graft from over 70 members of Riverside Church. The youngest of which was 6 and the oldest was, well, old! C.S.Lewis’ classic story was performed at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham City Centre.  God was in the midst of all that we did and that in itself was massively humbling.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and a mission to Uganda.We have been wonderfully overwhelmed by the amazing feedback from those who came to see the show (over 800 people), and the money raised for Uganda (£2,500). The cost of countless rehearsals, and crazy hours of making the world’s biggest wheeled wardrobe, was more than offset by the most significant and defining characteristic of the whole project—which was the massive sense of community and what church should be like. The performances from everyone were immense but punters also recognised the sense of family that the cast and crew had with each other.  We asked a few of the cast and crew to share what it meant to them:

“Utterly inspired seeing everyone grow and develop”
“Found my self esteem has increased”
“I feel a dormant part of me has come alive again”
“Felt so much closer to God being part of this community”

And now onwards and upwards! We still want to dream big and carry on with these core values as a massive theatre company. It was a massive privilege to be part of and a massive thanks to everyone who was part of it , came to see it, told everyone else to come and see it, drove kids everywhere and for supportive family members. Please do pray for what lies ahead, exciting times!

Andy King