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A Hog at Christmas with Pineapple!

With March now upon us Christmas seems like a distant memory but we just wanted to share something of what we did with our neighbours and friends to celebrate Christmas.

We wanted to do something to bring our neighbours and friends together, to say “Happy Christmas” enjoy getting to know each other, laugh together, sing together and build community.  We all love food, so a Hog roast was decided upon with carols sung to the tune of a junk band. Nothing says a brummy Christmas quite like Hog Roast, Samosas, Rubicon and a junk band playing carols!

There was a real sense of Christians from many churches working together in unity to put on the event, bringing it all to God in prayer. Although there were a few glitches, like tents not quite going up as planned and a little bit of rain, there was a real ease about it as everyone worked together in an amazing way with God in amongst it all. From the youngest ones inviting their friends and singing, to slightly older ones playing the suitcase in the junk band. From new Christians getting excited about serving and loving their community, to others renewed enthusiasm to share life and faith.

It was great to see old friends, to reconnect with neighbours we had seen a few times and meet new people. There were many questions about why we would do this for free and about what Christmas meant. The entire hog was devoured and people stayed around, enjoying each others’ company, despite the cold grey weather. We loved being able to celebrate Jesus’ birth and just be community!

A big thank you to the generosity of people at Riverside and for everyones’ prayer, practical support and singing!

Easter Egg Fun
Following on from our enjoyment of sharing food together at Christmas we thought we would go on to share chocolate with our neighbours! We are hoping to have an Easter Egg hunt around the grounds of the church of the ascension on Pineapple Road. This will be followed by craft activities and challenges and a retelling of theEaster Egg Fun