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Bournville/Northfield Skittles Match Challenge

Skittles Match ChallengeOn Saturday 25 April, members of the Bournville/Northfield Community Group, their families and other friends joined together at Selly Park Tavern for a family skittles/fun evening. 35 people joined as teams to ‘battle it out’ to get the best score. We provided a celebrity photo quiz and several rounds of Dingbats alongside. At half time we enjoyed chicken nuggets and chips. Winners of the photo quiz and Dingbats were quickly established and each member of the team gained a prize for their well earned efforts. During the second half of the evening, throughout the evening younger family members were keen to replace the pins and return balls whilst keeping their heads down when the enthusiastic ‘big skittlers’, like James Rampton, sought to destroy the 9 pins in pursuit of the best score.

Only four points separated the three top teams with prizes for the winning team, and every child also receiving a small gift. The evening finished at 9.00pm, with everyone having enjoyed a thoroughly good night’s fun and friendship.

Several really positive comments were made by friends not involved with church saying ‘What a well organised and thoroughly good time it was – do invite me to the next one’; two others separately said that this was ‘….. real community which we don’t see nowadays’ and ‘…keep us in touch for when you do something else that we can come to’. This is a real testimony to including people who we hope to win for God’s kingdom. We were also able to give a donation from the evening to the Riverside young people’s appeal for Uganda.

Special thanks go to Stephen and Katherine Lane and Stuart Hodson for all of their hard work in making the evening go so well. The community group has a range of others activities for men, women and mixed groups and their families designed to include everyone.