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Healing on the Streets Team

Healing on the Streets TeamIn 2008 a Riverside team started on an adventure taking prayer out onto the streets, first in Moseley (4th Sat) then Kings Heath (2nd Sat), wanting to reach people with Jesus’ compassion. Since then we have prayed for hundreds of people and seen many answers to prayer.

Being part of a team has made possible what individually can seem daunting. We join with New Life Church, Kings Heath, and this month had huge encouragement, praying for 18 people. Moseley though has got progressively difficult, with some intense outside opposition against praying. We feel it is right to continue, to bring Jesus’ presence to our communities, but are praying for a strategic way forward. Each time we’ve prayed for at least one person.

Encouragingly elsewhere in Birmingham, Healing Streams are flowing! B’ham Healing Rooms saw one asylum seeker give her life to Jesus following prayer for blood cancer which was given the “all clear” after tests. Because of this, one young man from her country also came to faith. Aston Parish offer prayer to everyone queuing for Aston Villa “we had a really great last HotS of the season.  We prayed for 16 people.  Two people came back and told us of conditions improved / healed since we last prayed for them.  One sprained thumb was healed as we prayed.” Four Riversiders are part of the St Martins team (1st Sat). Large numbers come for prayer, people return to say they’ve seen answers to prayer – and for 5 months someone has come to faith each time.

Week of prayer for healing in the city, at St Martins.
Sat 1st – Sat 8th June at St Martins.
12–1pm on Saturdays,
11-12 noon other days.

If you want to know more, contact us:

David and Linda Isgrove
449 3156