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RSPA-2012-0419What is Riverside Performing Arts Training School?

Riverside Performing Arts Training School is the only church-based Performing Arts course in the UK to offer a one year full time training course to Christians aged 18-30. Students train in Drama and receive broader training across the performing arts spectrum as well as in Christian discipleship. The course has been working in both the local and national community since 1996, providing performances, workshops and training to schools, youth groups and other community groups. Riverside Performing Arts performs to around 30,000 children, young people and adults each year, challenging issues and sharing God’s love through performance.

About the Course

The course is split into three terms each with its own major project focus and includes teaching from a varied range of theatre practitioners. In all three terms students undertake practical teaching in different theatrical styles such as physical theatre, issue-based theatre and scripted work. This is then applied to a termly performance project which is devised/rehearsed and taken on tour in Birmingham or other UK locations. Each term also culminates in a short run, open to the public, at a local theatre venue.

Throughout the course, students receive professional training in core performance skills (voice work, movement theatre and acting) and can choose additional specialist pathways such as dance, singing and percussion, all of which are applied to their project work. The discipleship course is taught by Riverside Church staff and other visiting tutors on a twice-weekly basis and the team meet to worship and pray together at the start of each day.

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Please email or call us on 0121 442 2586 to request a prospectus or to discuss the possibility of an Riverside Performing Arts project at your school, church or organisation.

Mission Statement

Using the performing arts to serve communities, communicate the Christian faith and help people develop their potential.