Theatre Company

Riverside Performing Arts is a professional community theatre company working both locally and nationally, using performances and workshops to address relevant issues from a Christian perspective, support children and young people, serve the community and help people reach their potential.


Riverside Performing Arts is building a fantastic reputation developed through years of partnerships with local schools through offering an extensive package of performance work. Tailored to both support the work already being done in the drama and RE curriculum and to offer an entertaining and thought-provoking way to tackle issues being faced by young people today, Riverside Performing Arts performance, assembly and lesson packages can be made either to cater for your own needs, or come ready made to tackle a specific issue or teaching area.

Community Work

Riverside Performing Arts works with a number of community projects, offering both performances and workshops, both as hired advisors and performers and as a integral part of its own mission statement. Amongst others, we have worked with Acorns Childrens Hospice, Birmingham Childrens Hospital, the Criminal Justice Advisory Group and Birmingham Diocese. We aim to have a positive impact on the lives of participants and audiences; whether through equipping them with new skills, building their confidence and self-esteem or developing their understanding of the world around them. We can confidently say, that the arts are a vital tool for regeneration, hope and revival, as well as a fantastic platform to engage the hard-to-reach places. We have the privilege to build relationships, serve, and walk with many community groups across Birmingham who wouldn’t usually have access to either the arts or church, and we are thankful and humbled that God would use us in such amazing ways to build His Kingdom here.


Having a values-driven, servant-hearted approach allows those we work with to see that God is a living God, interested in what is important to them in a non-judgemental or condemning way. This has seen doors that were once firmly shut begin to open and things begin to change here in our city. We have worked with many churches across the denominations to reach out into their community and across the ages.


Contact Us

If you’re interested in finding out any more information about Riverside Performing Arts Theatre Company, please call 0121 442 2586, or 0121 442 4484, or send us a message. We’ll try and get back to you right away.

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