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Asian Awareness 2010

Asian Awareness is a five week course run every year in Birmingham, looking at Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. The most recent of these was held at Riverside House and finished at the end of March. Between 50-75 people attended each night from a wide variety of local churches in the area. Asian Awareness aims to:-

  • Increase understanding and building bridges with other faith groups.
  • Inspire Christians and Churches to serve and bless the Asian Communities.

What did people think about the course?

“We thought it was pretty good, actually, particularly the first and last sessions. It helped me to refocus on seeing through the differences to see Asians as people just like us. It’s just a shame more people didn’t go!”
(Hilary Worthington)

“We live in one of the most multi-cultural cities in Britain, yet many of us do not know too much about all the different cultures. How can we effectively reach out to people whom we simply don’t understand? Asian Awareness goes a long way to understanding our Asian neighbours and demonstrates how everyone of us can play a crucial part in bringing the love of Christ to those of other faiths, as well as to those of no faith.”
(Roger Lynch)