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We want “More!”

Riverside Performing Arts logoWhen people hear the word “Consumerism”, it’s usually a topic that causes people to switch off. So when we found out the theme for our Documentary Theatre piece “MORE!” was Consumerism, we were all a bit daunted.

We came back after Christmas with stacks of research and we gathered all of our creativity together to devise captivating and thought-provoking sketches. We had 16 working days to come up with enough material for a 45 minute school show.

Over a two week period we performed to over 3000 students in and out of Birmingham. The reactions from schools were all wonderful and encouraging. A teacher at King’s Norton Girls School said “the piece was slick and well structured; an exemplary piece of work”. We then had two weeks to extend the show to 90 minutes to be shown at the Hexagon Theatre at the MAC. MoreIt was crazy and a lot of us on the team spent extra hours late into the night making sure the props, music, scripts and everything else was all settled. However, it was so worth it! The two public performances at the MAC were packed and Friday was sold out. “MORE!” was praised for its relevance and diversity and people were also really challenged by the theme of “Consumerism”. We had loads of people coming up afterwards saying they would pay to see it again! It was so uplifting to see so many people from the church coming to support us at Riverside Performing Arts. It’s only boosted our spirits for the third term.