Alpha Tues 1st May 2018


‘Thank you for opening my eyes to so much’

‘I thought the talks were excellent and I enjoyed the discussion afterwards’

When & where?

The Alpha Course will be held at Riverside House, 21 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8AR map here

The next course

The next course has just begun (for ten weeks) complimentary meal, 7.30pm topic: “Who is Jesus?” (meal for first two weeks, refreshments thereafter). More Info or Sign Up Here.

Alpha Course Dates

Week 1   Who is Jesus? Tues 1 May, 7:30pm (meal)
Week 2   Why did he die? Tues 8 May, 7:30pm (meal)
Week 3   Can you trust the Bible? Tues 15 May, 7:45pm
Week 4   Too much to give up?   Tues 22 May, 7:45pm
Week 5   Understanding faith Tues 29 May, 7:45pm
Week 6   Who is the Holy Spirit? Tues  5 Jun, 7:45pm
Week 7   How can I receive the Holy Spirit? Tues 12 Jun, 7:45pm
Week 8   Understanding Good & Evil Tues 19 Jun, 7:45pm
Week 9   Does prayer really work? Tues 26 Jun, 7:45pm
Week 10 Understanding Church? Tues  3 Jul, 7:45pm