Alpha stories

Oli’s story

Before becoming a Christian I considered myself an agnostic. I had little understanding of the extent of historical evidence that supports the Bible and I didn’t know the facts surrounding when it was written and the reliability of critical analysis of early scripture. I thought that Christians were weak in convincing themselves of a higher power and I considered this an excuse to not take responsibility for things or be the masters of their own destiny.

Not believing in God means that you are, by default, the architect of your own moral code. Before being a Christian I didn’t concern myself too much with acting honourably or doing right by people. I figured that we live in a ‘dog eat dog’ world so it was inevitable that I would have to tread on a few toes now and again.

I used to argue about faith with a Christian friend of mine from London and would berate her during the discussions because she never seemed able to handle my challenges. She was not a practising Christian at the time and I couldn’t see the benefit of upholding something that didn’t seem to provide any benefit to her life.

However, I was receptive to the Alpha Course because I was more concerned with a balanced argument and finding the truth. After reading a number of books and a series of discussions with various people I came to the conclusion that there was a stronger argument for God than against Him and so I became a Christian.

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