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“ELiJAH” update

ELiJAH stands for Ethical Living, Justice, Action and Hope. The ELiJAH team (made up of members of Riverside Church) seeks to highlight issues where our actions impact on the earth and on people more vulnerable than ourselves, and to encourage action to change things.

On Fairtrade Sunday in February, we focused on the clothing trade which remains stubbornly exploitative. RSPA presented sketches from their show which powerfully showed some of what is wrong with the clothing trade and what we can do to change things.  ELiJAH’s vision is to work through teams and groups within the church and the collaboration with RSPA was a fine example of this.  Not only did their entire show which they toured last term address the issues of the clothing trade but the students collected hundreds of cards asking for more fairly traded clothes and took them into stores in the Bull Ring.  ELiJAH is now discussing a project with the aROMa (overseas mission) team.

Please contact us if your team or group wants to engage with these issues.

Many of those who joined in the event on Fairtrade Sunday contributed a square to the ELiJAH banner which is now finished and will be presented in Sunday services very soon. In the meantime here is a preview…

Jon Lloyd