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“My year at RSPA”

When I was asked to write this piece about the year I’ve had, my initial reaction was how am I going to fit everything that has happened this year into such a small space?

One thing this year has been is a privilege. It has been a privilege to tell primary school children how God thinks they’re special; to raise the issue of fair trade and the fashion industry in secondary schools, to give out the best Embroidered Baseball Caps to this kids and it has been a privilege to take these shows on tour to Bury St Edmunds, Brighton, Exeter and Wales and perform to thousands of people across the country. We have also performed at the NIA at the launch of Redeeming our Communities, which was by far the biggest stage I’ve ever performed on!

As a team we have all grown. Discipleship has taught me personally so much. I hardly recognise the person I was at the beginning of the year. I’ve grown so much spiritually. My faith has been stretched. I’ve done things I thought I’d never have done. This year has prepared me for life at university knowing I’ve had a solid foundation on which to build.