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FRIDAY EVENING: A meal for 46 please!  We shared a relaxed and joyful time with good food and fellowship.  Our theme was introduced by Val Egan, who inspiringly gave her testimony as to God’s impact in her life.  Then came Laura who, with abundant talent, sang her own songs in the courage theme.

SATURDAY: A varied programme saw us:

  • enjoying an amazing arts exhibition
  • worshipping together
  • encouraged by 5 women’s courage testimonies
  • challenged by messages from the monologue and the dance piece
  • recognising different types of courage through entertaining and insightful input
  • reflecting upon times in our own lives when we have needed or will need courage
  • being thoroughly provoked by Window Box Theatre’s drama featuring 8 biblical women of courage
  • responding to the drama through our chosen workshop.

What did people say about the day?

“So many different people used or showed evidence of their gifts, talents and skills”

“Beautiful celebratory atmosphere”

I liked “the different creative expressions – drama, dance, meditation, artwork – kept the day fresh and were thought provoking”

“The show was great and felt like a real treat in the middle of an already packed day.”

“Ample time to reflect and hear God speak.”

A big thank you to the very many people who contributed to making this conference happen!