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“U CAN” with a network!

Earlier this month the first 3-day national conference was held for Operations Managers and Senior Administrators in churches across the UK. “UCAN” is the UK Church Administrator Network, now growing through 400 members in the first year. Over 60 people attended, representing many different Christian denominations, backgrounds, and experience.

Seminars and workshops covering communication, good stewardship, strategy, working with volunteers, and social networking. However, one principle rose to the surface. Alone we are isolated, and easily led to believe that the problems and issues before us are unbeatable. However, get talking, sharing and praying with others, and you find that God has placed a myriad of wonderful gifts, insights, and experience that can be brought to bear on any problem. We learnt that “He that is within us, is greater than he that is in the world”. Sometimes we’re small and powerless before the problems in front of us. Maybe we are, but we have an infinitely powerful and omniscient God, and one another.

When we build community and seek God daily, we see God answer our prayers not just directly, but indirectly through the actions and words of others. This week, new friendships were started, and “answers” flowed between church congregations and administrators at various levels.

With further conferences desired, we hope and pray that by His Spirit, God is doing much that will bring unity, common purpose, and good stewards throughout His church.

UCAN is open to any administrator or manager in any church – see more information at

Julian Mander 442 4484,
Operations Manager, Riverside Church