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18+ Weekend Away 4th – 6th November

Thirty members of the 18+ group journeyed to Smallwood Manor, Uttoxeter, last weekend looking at the theme of Spirituality and Pilgrimage (Psalm 84). Our speakers, Roger and Lesley Sutton, were both inspiring and challenging and a real blessing to the whole group. Through a quiet reflection session on the Saturday we were encouraged to “find God in the ordinary” and later on we gathered around the “camp fire” (using candles, not an open flame!) to share stories of how God had been impacting us. Matt Williams also delivered a workshop motivating us all to be part of the “Irresistible Revolution” based on the church in Acts.

Later in the evening many of us participated in a wonderfully organised quiz (thanks to Stephen and Becky) with a huge range of rounds, including dressing each other up as characters from films and a chocolate-eating race!

Overall, there was a wonderful atmosphere with people getting to know each other and connecting to God in new unexpected ways. We ate well, worshipped God together and really enjoyed having time away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

Thanks to all who helped make the weekend possible; roll on 2012!