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‘18plus: You Are What You Eat’ & out and about with Healing on the Streets!

‘18plus: You are What You Eat’ (a year’s ministry & personal formation discipleship course for 18-30s) went practical and joined in the training for Birmingham Healing on the Streets (HOTS) in March. HOTS is a gentle ministry offering prayer for healing to passers by on the streets of Birmingham, (now 8 locations including Riverside’s teams in Kings Heath & Moseley). Friday evening and Saturday morning saw teaching from Mark Marx, and then we took to the streets after lunch. Some joined in with Vineyard Church up at the Cathedral praying for the gothic-clad youth who congregate there, whilst others joined the combined churches team at St Martin’s by the markets. But how did they find it?

A challenging, rewarding, intense day. I’m glad I did it. It made me think differently and encouraged me to make those steps of faith.”

“I enjoyed going out on the streets much more than I thought I would. It was really good to be pushed out of my comfort zone, so it’s something I’m considering doing again in the future. It wasn’t as scary as I thought!”

“It was a good experience, all be it scary. It made me want to do it again but with a smaller team.”

With over 90 taking part, the teams were larger than normal but many people were prayed for and many experienced God’s presence and various measures of healing. The 40 regular team members were really encouraged to see the 18plus-ers taking part, and said this is how all should be… “all generations reaching all generations”.