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A new direction for Pineapple Kids Club

Many of the children who attend Pineapple Kids Club have reached an age where they would have to leave the club. As we have seen so much growth and development in them over the past 4 years, we felt it only right that we continue this investment in a new way… so we plan to continue the Kids Club, but in a small group format with those children we already have contact with.

Over the last few years we have seen God change so many of the children’s lives. One boy who often struggled with anger, we have seen engage and participate in activities so much more recently. When Josh Fest took place on the estate, he was there every day waiting for the young people to arrive, and he joined in the whole time without any problems. His Mum was so overwhelmed by the activities run by the volunteers that she wrote an article for the newspaper. Another girl – who has seen many trials already in her short life – has emotional difficulties, has changed so much in the last year. We were took her to a ‘Christians in Sport’ camp where she was able to engage with God in a new way, and where she could be an 11 year old again! Another of the girls at Kids Club has been a big influence in her mum’s journey to faith, and her mum now comes to a Bible Study Group we run for our neighbours. There are so many ways that God has been faithful in the small things and the large; it has been a privilege to see Him working. Pineapple Kids Club has been a place where many relationships have been built up and young leaders have emerged and experienced serving.

Our prayer requests would be firstly of thanks to God, who over the last few months we have seen move in the lives of the kids and other families on the estate. We would appreciate prayer for wisdom, to know how God wants us to continue to invest in these young people and their families. Please also pray for Miri as she goes away – may she be encouraged, restored and refuelled by God’s spirit. For the rest of us, may we keep clinging to Him and serving Him, in His strength and for His glory. Thank you to so many people who have prayerfully and practically supported so much of what God has been doing.