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An inspiration to all

Katie WoodsIt is with bittersweet sadness that we say goodbye to our wonderful friend and Riverside Performings Arts (RPA) graduate, Katie Woods, who left us to Jive with Jesus suddenly on the evening of Sunday 29th September. Although she had a number of serious and complex health issues, Katie faced every challenge with courage, grace and unshakeable faith. Many Riversiders will be impacted by her passing away, because in her year with us, she threw herself into the Riverside community so completely that Birmingham became her home. She touched lives wherever she went, and had a passion for loving people unconditionally, persistently and proactively.

We had the privilege of seeing Katie face giants – and win. We watched her grow in confidence, strength, skill and ability over her student year. She had an amazing knack for making us smile, her ear for accents was incredible, and she’d regularly have us in stitches. She was quite the prayer warrior too, and her ability and desire to encourage everyone was a real example to us all. Katie challenged herself to give things a go, even when it seemed impossible, and squeezed every last drop out of life.

We will miss our beautiful friend, but we remember Katie for the blessing she was. We’re rejoicing over her life, the things she achieved and the amazing legacy she leaves behind. Katie is with her beloved now. We believe she is Jiving with Jesus and Raving in Paradise.

Our hearts and prayers are with her parents, Brian and Sue, and brother Darren as they process the grief of losing their precious girl.

Vicki Stanley
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