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“No matter where we’re from in the world, women love getting together and sharing with each other. And this idea is at the heart of World Vision’s Girls Night Out”.

Last Saturday’s ‘Girls Night Out’ event was organized by World Vision and hosted by BBC Fame Academy’s Carrie Grant. The event raised awareness of the work World Vision do, most recently in India. Carrie spoke about the women she had met during a recent trip there, and expressed her sorrow that many have given up on the hope that they, or their children, will be able to have a better life. Most of us know about the fantastic work World Vision do, but the evening gave names and faces to the people they are helping and how we can get involved.

Carrie spoke candidly about her own personal trials in life and was an inspiration to us all. Her strength, determination and hope, shone through and it was great to hear such a positive message from someone who has been to the dark places in life and come through the other side. She also performed some beautiful songs that she had written, which was followed by stand-up comedy from Jo Enright, best known for her TV appearance in Peter Kay’s ‘Pheonix Nights’. Not only are they both fantastic performers, but they were open about their faith, making this an ideal event for inviting friends and family that perhaps want to know more about God’s love and how he can work in your life, should you ask Him to.

And of course, there were FREE CUPCAKES. Now that to me is the finishing touch to a perfect girl’s night out!