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Because life’s not fair

Riverside Money Advice colour logoOne of the things our Money Advice team encounter is injustice—often taking many different forms that result in people suffering financially, practically, and mentally.

Riverside Money Advice the service is.jpgWe seek to restore fairness and to effectively “undo” whatever has gone wrong. Sometimes, this is through addressing the external factor that has hurt someone. Sometimes, it is giving someone a helping hand, new understanding or skills that can equip them to make good decisions and to prevent the same situation re-occurring.

In this morning’s 9:30am service, the story of the rich young ruler highlights the trap that wealth brings, and the ease with which it skews our decision-making and our sense of value. To that ruler, Jesus challenged him to give his wealth away in order to be truly free of it’s grip, and to show him to become spiritually alive.
May be the opposite is true for you, that the actions of others have robbed you of life and balance, and debt is effectively holding you captive.

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