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Bringers of change for a generation

RPA Stundents 2012-2013

Freedom was the title of the Riverside Performing Arts final student production at the mac, on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd June.  Playing to near full houses, the team showcased original, varied short pieces and monologues ranging from a dark fairy-tale, a comedy soap opera, and a non-verbal, dance based love story. The audience included enthusiastic teachers and students from the schools that the team have performed in over the year. One audience member commented, “This was one of the best productions I’ve seen in a long while!”

Our aim this year was to be “bringers of change”, a phrase given to us by Rev Andrew Burnham after a recent visit to his church: “Riverside Performing Arts are prophets to the modern generation. They use drama and comedy to challenge attitudes to modern life… I have witnessed the change it has caused my congregation.

We have seen that modelled by the team throughout the year. Not only have they performed three major productions but also numerous assemblies around 30 local primary and secondary schools, as well as touring nationally in Suffolk and Brighton, forming new partnerships with schools and churches. The team also threw themselves enthusiastically into church life: helping with The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, assisting the youth and children’s teams and getting involved with 18+. Throughout their time, they have consistently shown a united, compassionate and generous attitude with each other and people around them.

We are thrilled that the student team have been such good ambassadors as we prayerfully consider our future as change bringers in the Birmingham community. We pray that God will continue to use each one to be change bringers for their generation and we look forward to seeing Nathanael and Sophie again in September.