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Catch up with the Wilsons

We have recently returned to begin our second year in Egypt. Last summer we moved here to start working in an international school. The school was set up for the children of missionaries so that there was affordable education with a Christian ethos. This is achieved by having teachers who volunteer at the school. Andy was teaching a class of 8-9 year olds and Leah taught the Bible across the school as well as some Design & Technology and PE.

Last February we were in Egypt during the revolution, and although this was challenging at times, we were able to be part of bringing love to the local community and see God doing amazing things in difficult times, something we are so glad we stayed for.

We have been taking Arabic lessons and attending a local Arabic speaking congregation. We have been blessed with good friends and relationships and hope that these will develop this year.

We continue to work at the school this year as well as get more involved in the church and taking additional Arabic lessons.

Thank you for your support as a church, both prayerfully and financially (through Aroma). It makes a big difference to us to know that you stand with us in the work that we do.

Please join us in praying for the country and the upcoming elections, for unity and strength for believers, and safety and wisdom for us this year.