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Chariot: The Eric Liddell Story

In celebration of the Olympic torch arriving in Birmingham, we decided to partner with Searchlight Theatre company and host their recent theatre adaptation of the well-known film ‘Chariots of Fire’. The production tells the story of the Paris Olympics where Eric Liddell refuses to run on a Sunday because of his faith in Jesus Christ and his desire to honour Him first. The words of one of his American competitors comes to pass when Eric goes on to win gold in the 400 metres as before the race he had passed Eric a handwritten note reading: “He who honours God, I will honour”.

Six Riversiders took part under the brilliant eye of Caroline Wilkes and Beck Rodda, weaving together some lovely participative moments alongside the three main performers. We performed for two nights at the main theatre space in the MAC and the Riverside family faithfully brought along friends, neighbours and colleagues to what was a really inspiring story of faith. What a great reminder as we look at whole life discipleship to have celebrated a man who refused to put public approval or even his country above his relationship with Jesus. A big thank you to everyone involved and to everyone who came to support us.

We’d really appreciate prayer for the Autumn production of ‘Through the Wardrobe’, that this too would make a great impact on the friends and family we bring along to The Crescent Theatre in November Thursday 8th and Friday 9th! (Please save the dates)