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Charity Canal Walk 11th June 2011

The walk was designed to raise funds for the charity, Karam (meaning in Urdu: kindness, generosity, grace), which I set up four years ago to help young people from poor families in my birthplace to meet costs associated with their education. Twice a year they need uniform. Travel costs can be considerable given the rise in global fuel prices. Some young people are also helped with their text books.

According to our manager in Pakistan, who helps to distribute the money: “We know some of the young people would not be going to school if it wasn’t for the help we provide”.

Out of the 15 people who took part in the walk was Anne Tebbutt. She provided us with an opportunity to test out the accessibility of our city space and see things from the perspective of a wheelchair user. I don’t think many of us had appreciated the uphill challenge from Moseley to the Mailbox!

Here is how Anne described the experience: “I felt so blessed. I was able to participate on equal terms with fellow Riversiders. Everyone was willing to include me so I was able to be myself. I was able to see places which I had heard of but never seen. I also enjoyed going past the place where my parents’ boat used to be moored.”

Following the talk on the Proverbs recently, it was great to know that I was able to do something to help those less fortunate than me. Some money will also be donated to Mission: Uganda.