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Countdown from the Daniel Fast to our 24/7 prayer week

In 2011 we have already begun to explore new dimensions of corporate worship, through such activities as Route 66 and The Daniel Fast. To continue this, we will set aside Sunday 27th February – Sunday 6th March for continuous prayer. For the duration of this week, the Fireside Room at Riverside House will be transformed into a 24-7 prayer room.

If you are unfamiliar with 24-7 prayer rooms, 24-7 Prayer UK describe it this way, ‘A 24-7 prayer room is a simple idea. It’s just praying without stopping… in one hour shifts, night and day around the clock, in a room or space that’s been set aside as the ‘prayer room’… The room is decorated creatively to inspire prayer, engaging as many of the senses as possible, and enabling people to experiment with different styles and types of prayer.’

There are 168 hours in a week and with a community our size we should easily be able to pray without ceasing and so we would like to invite everyone to ‘receive the baton’ by signing up for at least one slot. As a church, we believe prayer changes things and that prayer changes us and we are excited by what God will do when we join together in prayer. Sign up today, before all the good ‘middle-of-the-night’ slots are gone!

The 24-7 Prayer week begins on Sunday 27th February at 9:00pm following the Prayer Gathering.