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Cycle Ride 2011

The all age cycle ride was exactly that; a wonderful mix of people ranging from 1yr to 50yrs+ with familiar faces and a number of first-timers.Even some people with adults electric scooter bikes could be found in our ranks. We arrived in the Peak District with the sun shining on our backs and set out along the Manifold Trail. With the odd bit of cycle maintenance required to get us all to the first gathering point, several abandoned their bikes and set off on a walk up to a nearby cave. Others of us felt the need to sit and look after the bikes whilst resting in the sun.

A short run down the trail led us to the picnic site besides the river where we were joined by the more energetic members of the group who had opted to go over the top of the hill rather than through the valley. Sandwiches were consumed, stones were cast into the water and we all received sustenance from Liz Bryson’s world famous flapjack.

Refreshed we set out again and reached the end of the trail. After yet more refreshment (and gymnastics (?!)  – inset), we turned for home, chatting away as we peddled. Almost back to the car park we came across the welcome site of the tea shop (the only thing that gets Joy Whitfield to the end). It was a wonderful day. The Tour de France it is not, but I for one certainly enjoyed the company of so many people who came along.

If it whets your appetite, watch out for the May Day Bank Holiday weekend next year when we will hopefully do it all again. You will be most welcome to join us.