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ELiJAH stands for Ethical Living Justice Action and Hope.  Within Riverside we aim as a team to highlight ethical and justice issues such as unfair trading and business practices, people trafficking and modern slavery, and to suggest practical responses.  We look to work with and through the structures and groups within Riverside: small groups and community groups, the youth ministry, Riverside Performing Arts, aROMa and others.  We believe that in the face of injustice and unethical corporate behaviour, Christians effectively campaigning together can change things.  Two hundred years ago it was Wilberforce and the abolition of the slave trade; just this month the Indian government has been forced to agree major land reform in India. See:

This year ELiJAH has highlighted some truths about refugees. Thank you from Restore to those who contributed practically to their food bank. Many through community groups saw and discussed the Isaiah 58 DVD clips.  Right now please pray whether you should lend support to campaigns on tax dodging by international corporations – – or our banks’ involvement in food speculation which drives up prices.

We want to hear what issue you care most about. Please speak to Jon or Jill Lloyd, Graham or Kate Routley, or Satpal Boyes.