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Farewell to Naomi and Katie

I have been continuing in my position as Community Arts Intern with RSPA and Raw Nerve Theatre Company. My role has been to, head up, plan and lead various projects throughout the community such as day long workshops, assemblies and youth events. I also performed in the Raw Nerve tour of Popcorn and Lies looking at the issue of anorexia and positive self identity. This year more than ever I have learnt to rely on God as my constant source of strength, and also joy. Teaching me that when we follow his footprints he will give us visions for the future and fulfil promises for today and that through all things his love remains a constant. As I leave and join Roughshod theatre company in York and then Riding Lights, I take with me knowledge and endless practical skills gained from my time in Riverside. I’ve learnt the importance of fellowship through my small group, and take with me great friendship from all areas of church and work life. Thank you!  Naomi

The past year has been an incredible year working as the youth intern. I have had the privilege to be involved in the young people’s lives through leading sessions, supporting them on a one-to-one basis, facilitating and leading Small groups and establishing relationships with them. Weekly God inspired me through the amazing young people at Miff, Roc Solid and the Pineapple Kids Club. I will take many memories away with me including: the two girls’ day which were a time of digging deeper with God and each other; seeing the Miffers encourage the Roc Soliders through small groups and Josh Fest where the young people strived to make a difference.During the year I have received biblical teaching and support through a discipleship course called ‘ONE’. ONE has challenged me in my personal walk with God, particularly in my prayer life. God has showed me what it means to solely rely on his strength and to trust in him in all circumstances.  A big Thank you to everyone who has supported/encouraged me this year, I have really appreciated it!  Katie