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Five new creations!


Baptism Sunday 14th July 2013On Sunday 14th July it was our privilege to baptise five members of our church family on a glorious summer day. Passing through the waters were Andy Connolly, Stephen Johnson, Clare Grant, Andrea Hooper and Russ Horton. Baptism is a wonderful way of marking the change that living for Christ means and is an outer expression of the fact that inwardly we are a new creation and our past is under the saving grace of Jesus. It is always so encouraging to hear the stories of how each person has arrived at this decision, as a key act of obedience on their faith journey.

We celebrated with friends and family with a very tasty lunch prepared for us by the open lunch team which demonstrated church coming together at its best. It was a day that will stay in our minds for a long time and for these five will be a part of their faith journey that they will never forget. We are proud of each of you!

Who will be next …could it be you? Have a think and a pray about it and come and chat with one of us on the pastoral team.
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