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Give as you Live™ –

A new way to raise more money for the church for those of us who search or shop on line… You can turn your next online search or purchase into a cost-free way to support Riverside, in addition to your regular giving to the church.

Everyclick’s “Give as you Live™” lets us raise funds for charities like Riverside for free as we search the web, shop online and trade on eBay.  So things like grocery deliveries, holiday bookings and new clothes can mean funds for Riverside.  It has raised over £1.6m for charities so far.

You don’t have to pay more for purchases nor compromise in the websites you visit. The App will let you know whether the trader supports this way of giving to charity (not all of them do), and the percentage of your purchase cost that will be paid to Riverside.The first time you go to the site, click on Sign in and register. To choose the charity, search for Riverside Church Trust – make sure that you pick the right Riverside!

Once you have signed up, Everyclick tracks all of your purchasing from searching and shopping, and will pass it on to Riverside.

The amount that any charity receives depends on the number of its supporters who sign up to use this way to raise funds. So far, I think I’m only Riversider who has done this, so I’d encourage everyone who uses the web – especially those who use it far more than I do – to try it, and let’s see how much more we can raise for the church, without reducing our existing giving.