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Healing on the Streets goes to India!

Having done Healing on the Streets now in Birmingham for approximately 3 years, where we often face a guarded culture, it was so encouraging to be in a place where people were queuing non-stop for prayer. Our first time out with the 45 church leaders we had trained (some having travelled several hours by bus and train) was on a large council estate type block that housed original slum dwellers. With children playing out in the street, we had an instant response. Once they had received prayer (often for heart breaking issues like alcoholic fathers) they went and brought relatives, who in turn brought neighbours. For five hours we prayed (with interpreters) for over 300 people, and saw eyesight improve, fevers and various pains go, deliverance and people blessed through the love of Jesus.

The leaders were in awe that we would kneel before those of lower casts, praying for so long and with such love. We truly experienced God’s love and presence being poured out through us.  Though the churches are really keen to continue, many face cultural issues and personal fears. We also spoke at several meetings and saw numbers of young people come to faith.  Praying for healing after every meeting, we encouraged these new Christians to pray for the sick, and they too saw God heal.

It was an amazing trip, and we recognised that we were very much people held by people’s prayers – so thank you so much. We remained healthy, missed numerous traffic accidents by mere inches, and experienced God’s presence in everything.

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