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Healing on the Streets goes to Kenya and India!

We visited Kenya last year and shared the vision of Healing on the Streets (HOTS) with a Kenyan 18+ team we worked with and a local church, Fountains Chapel ( They invited us to return and teach, so David and our son James went in November and taught church leaders in Nairobi and Eldoret. On arrival, Pastor Joe  asked for prayer for his father, retired from work with continuous back pain, unable to bend – he was immediately healed. The next day James preached to 300 teenagers. Then he and David prayed for a large number of students and saw a lad with blurred vision gain clear sight. Another lad with stomach pains, going on for several years whenever he walked or ran was also healed.

The training in Nairobi, in the middle of Kibera slum, took an hour to walk to. This went well but 6hrs of rain (running sewage) meant they couldn’t do HOTS. Pastor Joe and others went out the following week:

“We prayed for three sick cases – the lady could not walk or stand, she was crawling in pain and after prayer she … stood upright and was so surprised … the place was charged with ecstasy as the people celebrated with her. The other guy was in fever and pain the whole night and day, no appetite and with uncontrollable pain in the stomach. After prayer he was okay and even took salad – a typical non-African meal! It’s amazing what God is doing to my life through healing on the streets, I have taught the young men today, they are on fire, and for me it is a revolution.”

At Eldoret, two days training and doing HOTS led one Bishop to say “I’ve seen more happen today then I have in one of my crusades. This is an amazing ministry for the whole Church – I’m committed to it now as our main outreach.” As well as many dramatic healings, several people came to faith.

We both go to India on the 10th January for 10 days to train church leaders in Vijayawada and Rajahmundry. Invited through Suresh who came to the training at St Martins  (from a Hindu family who all came to faith when the mother was healed), we will be working with his brother’s church and other church leaders. Please pray – we feel somewhat daunted but trust that where God has led He will enable us!

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