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Homeless Outreach

I am part of a team of friends that goes out every Sunday evening from 6pm till midnight to Moseley and the City Centre to hang out with people that are often homeless, chat with them & give them some food / hot drinks. We’re now part of an extended network of churches headed up by Paul Atkins that are on the streets of our city every night of the week. Our aim is just to bless the homeless people we come into contact with and try and meet their needs. We’ve been doing that since March 2011 and since then we’ve met some great people and seen God present on the streets through the provision of food, friendships, housing needs & changes in peoples’ hearts.

It’s been a tremendous privilege to pray for the people we meet from time to time and be part of their lives. Passages that have been an encouragement and a real prompting for me have been Matthew 25:41-45 & 1 John 3:17-18 which basically pour out God’s love for the poor and needy and show us what we should be doing as disciples of Jesus to address this issue.

It’s a tough time to be on the streets at present, with the cold especially, so we really want to ask for your support and help in any way you can offer;

  • Prayer for safety of the homeless
  • Prayer that the teams find the vulnerable and needy people
  • Offer sleeping bags, warm clothing, socks & shoes
  • Offer food to take out or donations towards costs
  • Maybe want to come out and help occasionally?

Contact me on 07912 551592 or if you can support us in any way. Thank you for your prayers & support.