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Incoming! Interns!

RPA Intern SophEach year Riverside Performing Arts accept students from the drama team to work with us as theatre company interns. Here are our new interns Sophie Rodrick and Nathanael Ballew:

“Hi I’m Soph. I’m really looking forward to working for the church, developing my leadership skills, and getting to know next year’s team. I will be in charge of the Schools and Community Arts Projects which deliver short projects such as creative assemblies, workshops and outreach events to schools and communities. I’ll also facilitate an after school drama club. Some of the upcoming productions we will be taking around schools are based on issues such as sexting and bullying. I am also looking forward to the discipleship course elements to grow spiritually.”

RPA Intern Nathanael“Hello church, it’s Nathanael. I’m so looking forward to the internship and being able to work for RPA for another year. I’ll be responsible for leading a weekly dance and fitness class for the new team. As interns, we’ll also in charge of leading workshops and after-school drama clubs. I’m hoping to grow in leadership skills and deepen my passion for using Performing Arts to glorify God and further His Kingdom. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support and prayer from Riverside Church.”

Our interns have already started rehearsing shows for primary and secondary schools. Please ask them about their work as they’re always happy to chat. We’re looking forward to introducing you to 6 new students who will start the first year drama course at the beginning of October.