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Jesus provides a way out

Riverside Money Advice colour logoRiverside Money Advice  pigThe miracle that the disciples witnessed as the bread and fish were given out and multiplied before their eyes, is not some ancient wonder confined to the pages of our Bibles. It’s a living breathing reminder of what God is doing amongst us right now. How? Because it teaches us that God asks you to start with what you have, trust Him for His provision, and then to give out to those in need around you, and He will do the rest.

Riverside Money Advice started last April, with people passionate about helping others to be freed from the problems that money was causing them, of whatever shape of size. We followed a God-given leading and set about doing so. He immediately did that amazing multiplication thing with the bread and fish. We’re providing the money advice, love and community, and bringing freedom into people’s lives and it’s multiplying before our eyes.

Since we started in April 2012, we have looked at almost £215,000 worth of debt (excluding mortgages) across 36 households. 45% of our clients are from outside of the church. We’ve helped people by getting interest on debt cancelled, refunds of charges, writing off debt and getting a fresh start. We’ve shown some how to budget, got food on the table and a meaningful life regained, and saved two households from losing the roof over their head. Enjoy the stories of lives transformed in our newsletter included with this Outlook.

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