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Josh Fest— Phil Whitney reports

During the start of the summer holidays Miff and Roc Solid took part in “Josh Fest”, which was based on helping the community and giving people hope. The day ranged from different projects such as gardening in Balsall Heath to helping out in Pineapple Kids Club.

People from the community were extremely delighted and in some ways shocked to see young people getting involved in activities during their spare time; as the youth of today are portrayed in such a negative way. Encouragement was given out to the youth team while they were digging up roots in gardens and being a positive role model to the children in kids clubs.

After the day had passed the youth team were rewarded by having concerts and parties in the evening so everyone’s hard work paid off. This way the youth team always had something to look forward to while they were out in the day.

Everyone really enjoyed helping out with the various projects as it was a different experience for all the members of the youth group. The work was not in any way easy but the reaction the youth team got from  the communities will be something never forgotten. Overall Josh Fest was a huge success; we set out to make a difference in the community and what a difference we made.

Josh Fest is part of the ministry of Roc Sold and Miff, our youth groups for 11-18s.