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Ladies’ Craft and Canapés Evening

Ladies’ Craft and Canapés EveningOur ever-popular craft evening has been running for many years and this year was held on a beautiful summer’s evening on Thursday 18th July.

It is a relaxed evening where ladies of any age have the opportunity to try their hand at crafts and explore their creative side. Whilst “creating”, canapés and drinks are served (thanks to the “men in black and white” who serve the ladies). The ladies can paint, decorate, flower arrange etc.  There was also a short talk about the Christian message given by Sarah Auger.  The event is run so that women can get together in a relaxed way and it is an easy way of introducing them to church.

The ladies who attend benefit from making some gorgeous crafts amongst friends.  As a church, we are committed to creating opportunities to build community and foster occasions where conversation is easy, relaxed, and people can be open about the things that matter to them. Our prayer is that God can use those opportunities to provide hope and an answer to life’s difficulties.

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