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Men’s breakfast meeting with Cyrille Regis – Kings Norton Golf Club

Saturday 14 May saw 130 men, and a few boys, meeting at the golf club to enjoy a full English breakfast and to hear something of the life of the international footballer, Cyrille Regis. We were also joined by Ron Atkinson, the former manager of West Bromwich Albion, for whom Cyrille played for some years. Cyrille was interviewed about his life and upbringing, his full-time premier league experiences and successes and something of the values he now holds.

The breakfast was run as a part of a programme for bringing some of our non-Christian friends and business colleagues into contact with well known Christian celebrities, to gain an insight into something of their lives and motivations they have whilst handling the difficulties of celebrity status.

Cyrille told us in his own charming way (Essex dialect), about some of the ups and downs of his family life and career, and gave a clear glimpse into what motivated him as a successful footballer with all of its ‘trimmings’. He went on to tell us how the loss of his best friend led to his own searching for God and why and how he become a Christian, giving us insight into some of his own personal struggles and joys as a Christian. The session was rounded off with a number speaking privately with him, together with the inevitable signature collecting by some of the ardent fans. One photo shows Cyrille with two overseas MBA students who joined us at the breakfast.