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“No. 8” Inner Circle Prayer Day

On Saturday 31st March we had an amazing day as a number of Birmingham churches took part in a Prayer Day for the city, particularly for the communities in the heart of Birmingham.  We were really encouraged by the churches around the route (“lighthouses of prayer”) who provided refreshments but also prayed with and sent out those travelling around. The reality of the hardness of the inner city came home but also their passion for Jesus and their areas. It was lovely to see the church come together in this way.

It was a great joy to meet others praying on the buses we travelled on. There was a gentle buzz of prayer and some really encouraging stories from other churches, particularly about Muslims coming to faith. The afternoon at St John & St Peter’s was great – a real flow in the prayer and praise, finishing with Communion.

There were a couple of impressions given, one that as we prayed round the city it was like a cleansing river washing away spiritual dirt. Another was that we had been gently paving the streets with heavenly gold, and that a precious ring had been set around Birmingham.

One clear message from the day, repeatedly said, was the need to do more prayer together ‘out there for Birmingham’. Why not take the No. 8 bus-route yourself, (it only takes 70 minutes), pray and see a different side of Birmingham.

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