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Open House!

On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, Open House invites the people of Riverside for lunch. Hosted by Mark & Sara Willott and Donna Solomon & Gill Adams, this is a free event that takes place from 1 – 3pm at Riverside House, and everyone is invited!

The vision for Open House is that it would be:

Þ Led by community groups, for the community.

Þ A chance to eat together and to get to know people in the wider community.

Þ A place of welcome for newcomers.

Þ Sharing our lives by cooking our normal Sunday lunch, but for more people!

Þ Currently held on alternate weeks, this could grow if other community groups get involved.

Þ Cooking together, eating together, washing up together… family!

So far lunches have been a huge success and there has been a lot of positive feedback…

 “Over the past few months I have been to several Open House lunches at Riverside House.” says Philip Morgan. “Completely free of charge, anybody is invited, and there is always a real sense of generous hospitality and community at these events.  The food is always healthy and excellently prepared, and I really appreciate the time to socialize with other Christians of all ages and backgrounds. Open House lunches are always really enjoyable.  Long may they continue!” 

If you’d like to get involved with Open House, please contact Mark & Sara Willott(444 6196) or Judy (442 4484)