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Our drama team hits Bury!

On Monday 28th March RSPA packed up the minibus and headed off down the A14 to spend a week working alongside Bury Christian Youth (BCY) in Suffolk. BCY is a Christian youth organisation working to share the Christian faith in schools and connect young people into local churches. It was RSPA’s third trip to Bury and this time proved to be yet another powerful week of sharing our faith through the performing arts. Whilst on tour RSPA had a jam-packed schedule performing at Middle Schools across the town and leading youth events and clubs as well as church services; feedback we had included this from a teacher at one of the schools we worked in “I have heard so many good things about RSPA. Staff (Christian and non-Christian alike) have said how impressed they were with the professionalism, enthusiasm and energy of the team.
This has opened a door and we will be able to invite other Christian groups in, in the future.” BCY used our time with them to launch CU’s in the schools we performed in and it was so exciting to see lots of young people turning up to the CU we help led on the final Friday of our week. It was a fantastic time and a privilege to support such a thriving schools ministry in their fantastic work.

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